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The Story of Famuchi Wear




Pronounced Fam-moo-chee

FAM- Descendants of the same ancestors

U-US, No matter what the ethnicity 

CHI- Good Energy

So when we come together, we are to produce good energy.

The Famuchi brand started as a greeting.  The owner and CEO, Terrence Jackson, would often use the word "famuchi" upon seeing his family members and friends.  "I would see my people and be like, "What up, Famuchi".


The word itself, FAMUCHI, sounded iconic from the very beginning. Jackson worked with a gentleman who printed t-shirts, so he asked his co-worker if he could print a hoodie with the word "Famuchi" across the front.  Jackson's co-worker printed the shirt and the rest is history.  Everywhere Jackson went, people asked about the word's meaning, where they could get one and he, originally, didn't have any answers. But this family man was driven by this name and prayed for direction. He didn't have to wait very long. Jackson received divine answers for the FAMUCHI brand, got the name trademarked and now is promoting good energy through the atmosphere through his apparel and accessories brand. What better way to pay tribute to your descendants and your culture, no matter what ethnicity, then by "coming together".  Pulling from the energy from your ancestors to propel you forward into your greatness is what FAMUCHI is all about.

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